Endorsement from Ardath Cade, widow of Sen. Jack Cade (R)

Endorsement from Ardath Cade, widow of Sen. Jack Cade (R)

I am honored to have the support and endorsement of Ardath Cade, widow of Sen. Jack Cade (R), who served as District 33’s state senator from 1975-1996. In Mrs. Cade’s words:

“I urge you, as you are looking back and forth on the ballot, to give your support to a candidate known for vision, hard work, community concern and integrity– DAWN GILE to serve as our next District 33 Senator.  

In looking at Dawn’s qualifications I see:

  • A professional young woman, an attorney, who will be a bright and articulate advocate in the complex process of lawmaking. She is already recognized for the talents she will bring to the Senate and her voice will be heard and respected from the day she is sworn in.
  • A person who uses her skills to respond to the needs of whatever situation she finds herself in–focusing on the special issues of military spouses during her husband’s 24 years of active-duty service in the U.S. Army and overseeing an award-winning program providing free legal services to Gold Star families, veteran caregivers, and veteran entrepreneurs.
  • A mom and wife, dealing with the issues that we see our children and grandchildren confronting, whose children attend our Severna Park public schools and whose family participates in our neighborhood activities and leads community events.
  • A highly ethical individual, without the very concerning financial, business, and ethical blemishes of her opponent.
  • A moderate who will stay attuned to the concerns of our District 33, while yet encompassing the broad statewide issues affecting all Marylanders.

It’s not the D or R after someone’s name that defines their effectiveness.  Late Senator Cade (R) stuck to his principles in a deeply (D) Senate, but nonetheless was one of its most influential and respected voices. I know that Dawn, with a (D) after her name, will strive to work as broadly and thoughtfully on behalf of all of us, no matter our party affiliation.

Please give her your support: 

Vote DAWN GILE for Senate, District 33″

-Ardath Cade

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