The Spring 2023 Senator Dawn Gile Senatorial scholarship will be open until 11:59pm on April 30, 2023.

Click here to fill out the application online.

Completed applications must be submitted (or postmarked) by the Monday, April 10th deadline. 

The Spring 2023 Senator Dawn Gile Senatorial scholarship is now open and will be receiving applications until 11:59pm on April 30, 2023! All applications must be postmarked or submitted electronically by this deadline.

The Senatorial Scholarship Program was enacted into law by the Maryland General Assembly and provides funds for enrollment in undergraduate, graduate or professional studies at approved colleges, universities, and private career (or vocational) schools in the State of Maryland to eligible students. Please see details:


LIVE IN THE 33rd DISTRICT. Please go to  to make sure Senator Gile is your representative. If she is, then please submit this application. If she is not, please contact your district delegates and senator for their specific scholarship applications. We cannot award scholarship funds to individuals who do not live in District 33. The main number to the Maryland General Assembly is (301) 858–3000.

COMPLETE AND FILE THE APPLICATION FOR A SENATORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: The application must be completed and filed by the deadline of April 10, 2023.  To be considered complete, applications must include a) your completed form b) a copy of School Year 2022-2023 transcripts (to date), and c) your responses to two essays questions.

COMPLETE AND FILE THE FAFSA (APPLICATION FOR FINANCIAL AID): This form may be obtained from high school guidance counselors, in high school libraries, or from the Maryland Higher Education Commission, 6 N. Liberty St., Baltimore, MD 21201, Phone (410) 767-3300, or . The FAFSA should be filed no later than March 15, 2023 to ensure our Scholarship Committee’s receipt of the applicant’s financial aid information in a timely manner.

PLAN TO ATTEND A MARYLAND COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY, OR PRIVATE CAREER SCHOOL: The applicant must attend a college, university, or private career school in the State of Maryland. The private career school must have the approval of the Maryland Higher Education Commission to operate, and must be accredited by a national accrediting association approved by the United States Department of Education. Applicants may be eligible for scholarship assistance to attend out-of-state colleges, universities or private career schools if they are enrolling in an academic program which is not offered in a Maryland college, university, or private career school. For further information, contact the Maryland Higher Education Commission, Phone (410) 767-3245.

PLAN TO ATTEND SCHOOL FULL-TIME OR PART-TIME: Full-time attendance is defined as 12 credits per semester for undergraduate and 9 credits per semester for graduate students. Part-time attendance is defined as 6 to 11 credits per semester for undergraduates and 6 to 8 credits per semester for graduate students.

Selection Criteria:  Selection is based on a combination of factors. All students are encouraged to apply.

Senator Dawn Gile wishes you the best in your academic endeavors and good luck!

Questions? Contact Senator Gile’s office at (410) 841-3606 or